TryNat – Naturally Organic is a reality

There used to be a time when everything was organic. In today’s world, there are very few traditional farmers. We proudly introduce ourselves as traditional farmers who believe in Natural or organic food.

We aim to make people aware about organic food benefits and hazards of chemically contaminated food (excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides) and its adverse effects on body and unfortunately the customers or the common men is not aware of this.

Even in places where the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are limited, we have seen that food contaminations has reached a new level wherein just to sell any type of food, multiple different chemicals are mixed – apples are colored or coated with wax (for shine), green vegetables are also colored, chalk powder is mixed in turmeric………. There are many more such examples!!

Our initial aim is to educate everyone about the benefits of natural or organic food.